Monday, August 3

Stay home and order your Hobbies

´╗┐Stay home and order your Hobbies

Follow the ‘new normal’ trends with the latest updated gadgets and appliances! So, sit home and arrange entertainment for adults, teens and kids. Enrich your hobbies this quarantine with perfect baking, cooking, gaming, painting, editing, crafting and decorating skills. Discovering a hobby during this quarantine? You can now spend less and get more things by using Kul coupon codes.

The Gadget freak!

Are you bored at home? Start collecting your dream gadgets! Engage yourself in automated sensor active appliances. It is the coming of age for artificial intelligence. Order your Alexa to control the lights, fans and air conditioners. Fill your rack with the latest collection of stylish watches, Bluetooth speaker and air pods. 

The Gamer!

Have you not seen the recent launch of Ps5? What are you waiting for? Collect the latest games and get busy with your graphic designed joystick! Connect with your friends with the latest version of GTA and game consoles! You can use your pocket money to buy these games at subsidised rates with Kul voucher codes.

The Stylist!

All those who wanted to style up without getting judged, it is your time now! Grab all the funky colours and try dying your hair without going out and getting judged. Get your hair nourished at home and get rid of the pollution. Get a whole range of spa oils and creams to style up this summer, safe at home.

The Chef!

Be the baker you always wanted to be. Try until you succeed. Buy all the baking utensils and ingredients to surprise your loved ones on their birthday or any other special days. Get spatulas and blenders at cheap rates with Kul coupon codes. Make surprising and healthy sandwiches with easy sandwich makers. Call it a home party and cook special meals for your kids! Stay home, stay healthy!

The Fitness Freak!

Cannot go out to the gym? Bring your gym home! Buy all essential workout equipment like barbells, dumbbells, door pull-up bar, yoga ball, tummy trimmer, gym gloves, workout shoes, etc., and start your fitness routine right at home! Are you worried about gaining weight by laying back at home? Unroll the yoga mat and start your protein supplement regularly.

The Blogger

Create your fashion blog! Stay home and show the world how to fashion it up this summer? Buy the latest summer outfits and make tutorial videos on how to style up easily. Get the new shades of lipsticks and nail polishes to create a shade swatch video. You can avail new arrival make-ups at a reasonable price by using Kul voucher codes.

The Kid’s Corner!

No school days might get rough for parents. Keep your kids busy with educational games and indoor games while you get time to complete your work-from-home tasks. Get toys that are safe while playing. Get a portable small swing or slide for your kids to play in the backyard. Prepare a pool party for all the siblings to have fun on weekends. Buy Lego games to keep the children busy and watch them create different things. Let them be creative. Buy puzzle games and brain-teasing games to grow a healthy and nourishing brain.

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